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to Voice YOUR Support of the Ems at the Fairgrounds!

Ems Fans,

The 2022 baseball season is in full swing!  It is our second year as a High A Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants and the 67th year fans like you have come out to the ballpark for family and community fun!

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the Lane County Board of Commissioners approved two contract extensions with consultants to continue working on a new site plan for the Lane Events Centers, including working with the Ems on the funding and development of a new multi-use facility.  

The multi-use facility will serve as a home field for the Ems as well as provide a venue for year round community events that currently does not exist in the region.  In addition, a redeveloped Lane Events Center, including a new multi-use facility, will provide much needed capacity for Lane County’ emergency management planning and response during natural and man-made disasters.

There is lots of exciting working ahead of us!  By working with Lane County, its consultants, neighbors, community members, and all of you, we will indentify solutions to concerns to build the trust necessary for the multi-use facility to move forward as a good neighbor and community member, just as the Ems have done since the mid-1950s!

Thank you for your support of the Ems!  I will keep you updated about our progress to build the Ems, and all of you, a new baseball home at a multi-use facility in the Lane Events Center.

See you at the ballpark!


Allan Benavides

General Manager for YOUR Eugene Emeralds

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